At Insight Narrator we know change doesn’t come about through attending training alone – that’s why we develop programmes that go beyond building skill sets.  At Insight Narrator we aim to create programmes that achieve a measurable step change in performance that links to real commercial results through a combination of different methods    

About the client


ICM are a global research agency with a strategic focus to shift from ‘insight‘ to ‘advice’ provider.  With ambitions to be the most influencial agency in the market, ICM Unlimited understands the importance of core deliverables, including proposals and debriefs, in delivering the advisory brand promise to their clients.

The challenge


ICM Unlimited is made up of a number of experienced researchers who have a good reputation in winning and delivering the current offer and therefore had no real motivation to make drastic changes to the way they work.  In addition, researchers in the business had previously attended training in this area without leading to any real change on the ground – despite initial enthusiasm for new approaches they had ultimately defaulted to standard practices over time.  The business was therefore looking for a different approach that would lead to real results and motivate people to experiment and persevere with new ways of working aligned to the new positioning.

How we helped


Insight Narrator created a programme of training, coaching, train the trainer and engagement sessions, working in conjunction with the Board to determine objectives and expected outcomes.  Central to the delivery of the programme was the creation of a core group of ‘champions’ who were responsible for attending the training and putting into practice on their own client accounts, before rolling out amongst the wider client services teams and developing initiatives  programme to ensure the practices would stick in the long term.




“Caroline was a brilliant facilitator and trainer. She gave our team fantastic guidance on areas to focus on while also letting us tailor everything to our own particular need set and clients. Since the training we’ve seen improvements across the company from the style of deliverables to developing really effective client relationships and account plans. We’ve had some great feedback from clients to say how much they’ve enjoyed our outputs and our thinking”

Jenifer Eketone, Associate Director and programme champion



"The art of influence training that Caroline ran in 2016 with ICM fundamentally changed the way I work and think about client relationships, proposals and reports. I now spend more time understanding about the underlying client hypothesis, more confident offering my points of view based on past research and knowledge and make clearer evidence based recommendations than I did in the past.”
Nick Eul-Barker, Research Director and programme champion