At Insight Narrator we love working with research and data leaders that think big and look to instigate and inspire real change within their organisations.


About the client


The Insight Management Academy is the centre of excellence for insight generation, insight management and insight communication. Through events, training, benchmarking and consulting they offer help to client side teams looking to maximise the value of their insight asset.


The challenge


The membership of the IMA were aware that there is a significant role for agency partners to play in helping client-side teams with their mission.  However, typical agency events on the market were designed around new business development or new methodologies and innovation.  The IMA wanted to create an environment where like-minded agencies would discuss strategic issues facing their clients, debate solutions with client representative and implement change within their agencies.


How we helped


Insight Narrator was commissioned as an Associate of the IMA to design, set up and deliver an agency forum offering consulting support on strategy, proposition development, process and people change.  Through a series of membership events we shared ideas, best practice and collaborated on solutions to common problems facing our industry, such as demonstrating return on investment, developing bench strength across all teams, and differentiation in a saturated market.  Through individual consulting days we helped inform brand propositions and marketing material, integrate ROI calculations into project work and develop growth plans for our agency members.  


The Impact


The Insight Management Agency Group (IMAG) ran for 3 years as a thriving and forward thinking agency forum, designed to help senior directors and business owners in supplier organisations differentiate themselves from the immediate and wider competition and so forge ahead in challenging times. It helped member agencies to get close to client issues, learn how others have responded to change, market their services more effectively and develop their people to meet changing needs.




“We’ve not been disappointed. At every meeting it’s been a unique opportunity to talk about an issue that is absolutely fundamental to running our business”

Stephen Bairfelt, Managing Director, Purple Market Research, founding member



"Everything is action focused. We work together to come up with actions to take back to the ranch – we share with the team, and the rest of the Board, to get something actually happening as a result”
Mark Hirst, Director, Chime Insight and Engagement, founding member

“The important thing for us is that the things that we learn from these sessions, and the knowledge that we gather, we take back to our company and embed them”

Robin Horsfield, Managing Director, Trinity McQueen, founding member